2011-10-01 23.51.32

View From Church

The Wayfarer's Inn is a replacement of the old stone based structure that served as the above ground subway station C2. In essence, the only incentive to build the Wayfarer's Inn was to keep the code: Planks, Logs, and Glass. However, the lookout tower design turned out quite nicely, and as a result it is one of the more commonly visited buildings in Frostburrow Commons.

2011-10-02 00.22.02

Second Level

The Second Floor (right) features four beds, and two chests. The ladder that can be seen in the photograph leads to the viewtower, which gives a moderate view of the surrounding Frostburrow Commons area.

2011-10-02 00.22.47

Bottom Floor

The Lower Level features two double chests, perfect for storage of goods temporarily. It is also a highly used intersection, as it connects the Subway Station C2, the Frostburrow Commons Underground Network, and Frostburrow North.