SpaceCows Server labeling

Map of all 3 major continents within the server world.

Welcome to the WarhampsterMC WikiEdit

This Wiki contains information about the WHMT Minecraft Server.

To familiarize yourself with the geography of the server world, see this article: Explored Areas

A list of Continents, Villages/Towns/Cities, and Organizations are listed below. If you are looking for a specific building, please navigate to the section it would be listed in. (IE: If you require an article on a building located in the Great Continent of Frostburrow , navigate to that article and it should be listed there)


Great Continent of Frostburrow

Island of Valhalla

Pioneer Wilderness


Frostburrow City

Town of Valhalla



Office of Naval Intelligence

Frostburrow Metro Authority

Ares Construction Materials

Subway StationsEdit

Subway Station A

Subway Station B

Subway Station C

Subway Station C2

Subway Station D

Subway Station E

Subway Station F

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