The Pioneer Wilderness is a large, semi-explored landmass that has been selected for exploration and development. Currently there is only 1 existing town on the continent, Bricktown. A Crashed Spaceship also exists on the continent, with half of it broken off into an island.

Several survey teams have been sent West, to explore the continent, however not all have returned. Teams that returned spoke of a restisting force, causing them to turn back in the middle of their expedition. However, it was not a physical restsiance they spoke of, but rather a mental one. Something was causing them to have such ill thoughts of their expedition, that they could no longer bear to continue any further.

From remote observation, it appears that a mountain formation has been inhabited by people. However, no further information is known about the area. Continuing West into the continent there are several outposts and abandoned crypts. The crypts are so alien in nature that a question arises: Were there extra-terrestrials aboard the Crashed Spaceship?

Seen North-West of the continent is a small lighthouse of unknown origin, it's power source is maintained molten-lava and glowstone.