The Office of Naval Intelligence is the only known military organization within the server world. This organization is apparently dedicated to making towns and explored areas safer for travelers and inhabitants. They have currently established various Outposts and "Sections" within the server world.

The Office of Naval Intelligence operate out of ONI Headquarters, West of Frostburrow City .

ONI OutpostsEdit

The Office of Naval Intelligence, being dedicated to making the world safer, has established many small fortifications within the world. These fortifications are called Outposts, and follow a certain set of rules accoriding to ONI's current mission.

  • All bases must have adequate shelter from the elements and mobs.
  • All bases must have at least 4 rooms with accomidations such as a crafting bench, furnace, and chest. A bed is also required.
  • Garbage disposal units (Made form cactus, as this is safer) are optional, however they are encouraged.
  • All bases must have fully functional doors that are easy to operate in case of an emergency. They must be accessable from both sides.

ONI Outposts serve as rest stops for travelers and explorers, or as supply caches for towns in time of need or emergency. Supplies is restocked by ONI Officials annually, and the libraries within the Outposts are frequently updated. Most Outposts contain a small library of the following:

  • Current Projects & Missions
  • Previous Projects & Missions
  • Reigonal Intelligence Infiormation
  • Localized Intelligence Information
  • A comprehensive list (XYZ Coordinances) of all ONI Sections and Outposts.

The currently existing ONI Outposts is as follows:

  • Outpost Alpha (Currently Temporaraly Decomissioned)
  • Outpost Bravo

ONI SectionsEdit

ONI Sections are small buildings which, unlike outposts, do not abide by any construction rules or guidelines. ONI Sections are dedicated to a particular field or subject assigned to them by ONI HQ.

The currently existing Sections are as follows:

  • ONI Section 0
  • ONI Section 1

ONI Sections may contain supplies, which are free to use.