The Great Continent of Frostburrow (Also known as The Grand Continent of Frostburrow) is, so far, the largest explored landmass in the server world. Within the continent there is one major city named Frostburrow City.

The name "Frostburrow" was supposedly given to the continent because of the city established there, which was named for the snow covered mountains upon which is was nestled against. The landscape of the continent is remarkably the most impressive in the entire server world at this point in time. Lush, undulating fields and deep snow covered forests inhabit a large portion of the continent.

There are many ancient temples and mysteries surrounding the mountains, and it is thought that settlers of unknown origin moved into the continent from the North. There is evidence of a small Town existing in the North-East side of the continent, which suggests that the settlers has lived there for some time.

Currently within the continent, the government of Frostburrow City, and server administration, has deemed some parts of the landscape to be "protected" from development. The landscape in question seems to be a very large "arch" of land splitting off from the main mountain on the West side. The cliff face from this point is concave towards the ground.