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Frostburrow North, as seen from the top of the western-most Tal-Punent Apartment Tower.

Frostburrow North, (FN), often called Frostburrow Commons, is a rapidly emerging section of the City of Frostburrow , located on the Great Continent of Frostburrow. The section of the city totals nearly half the number of the buildings in the entire city.

The sect of the city was designed to represent the rudimentary living conditions that are experienced outside of the city walls. All of the buildings in Frostburrow North are made of wooden planks, wooden logs, and glass. Such style of building is law in Frostburrow North, and is demonstrated in the Planks, Logs, and Glass article.

Recreational activities include a fountain, a bench & table area, a lake, a pool, a field, and The Great Cavern.

List of BuildingsEdit

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Frostburrow North as seen from above the Gentlemen's Club Field