Subway Station A

Now known as Subway Station A, the First Bank of Valhalla was the first security bank on the server world. Pioneering redstone technology in the server world, this bank helped to develop Frostburrow Bank, located in Frostburrow City. The bank is located in the Town of Valhalla.

First Bank of Valhalla has now been decomissioned and turned into Subway Station A, due to the fact that the technology and design of the bank's systems was old and outdated. The lower levels have been sealed off forever because of the dangerous nature of the confusing structures.

The bank is seperated into 4 levels of operation:

  1. Top floor: Reception, banking, deposits and withdrawls.
  2. Primary security systems for the top floor.
  3. Lockboxes.
  4. Bank security system and master key room.

The primary security systems are incredibly bulky and primitive, providing very minimal protection against invaders. However, the Bank security system 2 levels down is far more advanced when compared to Level 2.

The system is comprized of a simple array of 10 RS-NOR Memory Cells, each carrying 1 Bit (1 Bit = a 1, or a 0). Each memory cell is assigned a number 1 through 9 (And Zero), through a logical system of levers. The correct series of elvers must be pulled in order to send the "unlock" signal to several AND Gates, which control the lockbox doors. Currently, the system is in a state of disrepair, and is non-functioning. If it were still operational, the system would achieve 0.5 FLOP/s (Floating Point Operations per Second), your average calculator achieves 10 FLOP/s.