Das EssenHaus

Das EssenHaus (The House of Eating) is a restaurant located in the South-West corner of Frostburrow Central, in Frostburrow City. The restaurant serves Bread, Steak, Cooked Porkchops, and Cooked Chicken. It's menu reflects this through germanic "engrish" such as "CLUCKENMEAT", and "BREADWHITES".

The restaurant's construction has aroused suspicion of a Nazi threat to Frostburrow City. Not because of the name, but because of the odd amount of materials (and nature of such) being smuggled into a basement under the building. At this time there is no discernable entrance to the basement, and it seems that the Pedestrian Tunnel near Subway Station B > A has been modofied to accomidate it. Frostburrow Metro Authority has launched an investigation of it's own into this matter.