The front half of the spacecraft.

The Crashed Spaceship is located West of Bricktown, next to a giant hole and an ocean. It has been estimated to have crashed into the world approximately 300 years ago. The reason it crashed is currently under speculation, however it is quite apparent that there was a murder aboard the spacecraft.

The Crashed Spaceship has broken into two

The rear half of the spacecraft.

sections. The rear section, which has embedded into an island and the soft ocean floor, is said to contain treasures and a dead body. Neither of these claims has been confirmed. There is, however a large amount of evidence pointing towards the fact that there was a dead body on board at some point.

In the front half of the Crashed Spaceship, there are various broken off peices and broken glass areas. It is believed that the spacecraft fired it's retro-rocket system mere seconds before impact, causing the rear end of the spacecraft to pitch downward and snap off into an island.

The rear half of the spacecraft has broken in 4 places from the very back.

  • Before the Iron door, pointing towards the front half.
  • After the long hallway, which has now pitched completely vertically.
  • After the large living and storage area, which did not pitch along with the long hallway.