Some bookshelves have readable books placed on them, made possible by using nisovin's BookWorm plugin. With a little imagination, books function as other types of reading material as well, including notes, logs, and letters. There is one active publishing company, located in the Mountain Lodge & Inn, Frostburrow North, called Sidhe Publishing. (Please send Spacecow written work! Looking at you, WarHampster.)

If a user finds a book, and not in another user's private library or collection, he or she may alert the administrator, and recieve a copy.

List of Known BooksEdit

  • On Violence and Human Nature Vol. I* - Unknown
  • On Violence and Human Nature Vol. II* - Unknown
  • On Violence and Human Nature Vol. III* - Unknown
  • Mr. Goldbaum - Gordon Lish
  • The Second Great Shame of the States Vol. III* - Unknown

* Sidhe Publishing

List of Known Notes, etc.Edit

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